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Algorithmic trading is the process of using automatic program to place orders into the trading markets by following a set of rules in order to generate profits.

Benefits from Algorithm trading system

  • Customize the strategies in parameters (timing, price, quantity or any mathematical formula)
  • Automate trading activities (at high speed)
  • Reduce transaction costs
  • Reduce risk of human errors in placing the trades (no touch approach)
  • Follow a defined set of rules for placing orders
  • Reduce the mistakes introduced by human traders based on emotional and psychological factors
  • Perform backtest based on historical and real time data
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X5 - Trading platform

Our flagship product. Unified trading platform for HK and US market, high performance and fully scalable.

Standard Features

  • Order & Execution Mgmt
  • Client Portfolio & Margin Reports
  • Credit Monitoring & Approval
  • Trade Allocation / Order Transfer
  • Cash Withdrawal & Deposit
  • Real-time Price Subscriptions
  • Market Depth for Options
  • Quote Request for Options
  • Charting for Price Trends and Executions
  • Admin for Users, Accounts, Products & System
  • Reports in PDF and Excel
  • Back Office Integration


  • Traditional/Simplified Chinese, English Versions
  • Built on Web 2.0 Technology
  • Real-time Price, Order & Execution Confirmations, Portfolio and Chart

Rich Internet Application

  • Hi-Speed Terminal-like Downloadable App
  • Automatic Version Updates
  • Highly Customizable & Personalized UI
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